Waterkeeper Fundraiser Gala 2016

21st April, 2016

waterkeeper gala 2016FacesByCarla pleased to be a sponsor for the Fundraiser Gala 2016. Funds raised promote swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.

For more information,  please visit: Web: http://www.waterkeepergala.ca/ and http://www.waterkeeper.ca/

FB: LakeOntarioWaterkeeper | Twitter: https://twitter.com/LOWaterkeeper

BBRRRR: Taking Care Of Your Skin In Winter

7th February, 2016

winterBBRRRR! Winter is in full swing with many days of below zero temperatures ahead. So here are a few helpful tips to take care of your skin: (1) Moisturizing: The most common mistake people tend to make is over-moisturizing their skin. Do you really know your skin type? Here is a simple way to find out > Wash your face with a gentle cleanser (e.g. Spectro Gel), wait for 20 mins to test your skin, and then touch your face with clean hands: if there is no shine/oil on your skin surface, then you are likely combination dry skin; if your skin feels tight when you smile, then you are likely very dry skin; if there is visible oil in the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin area), you are likely combination oily skin; and if your face is completely shiny, then you are likely oily skin. (2) Winter Face Care: When your skin complexion feels flaky and sensitive that means you are dehydrated (even though you may have naturally oily skin). I know you hear this all the time but drinking 8-10 glasses of water and getting 6-8 hrs of sleep daily are the 2 best ways keep your skin hydrated and your blood to bring necessary to nutrients to your body. Also it is important to exfoliate once a week in the winter (all skin types) as dead skin can’t get hydrated properly. Do apply face cream on a daily and nightly basis. Please don’t fall for expensive skin care products. Some of you may love brands like La Mer (which is great) but did you know that Oil of Olay and L’Oreal are amongst the selling skin care lines today? (3) Winter Eye Care: During the winter months use a good eye cream to protect the delicate eye area day and night. Also keep a pair of sunglasses handy to protect the eyes from wind and glare from the sun that will quickly contribute to tiny wrinkles and dehydrated skin. (4) Winter Lip Care: Applying a lip balm as and when needed is important. Use one with SPF 15 or more during the day. Warm sesame oil will soothe your lips too. Avoid licking your lips and don’t bite the skin on the surface of your lips (p.s. skin will never have a chance to heal if you nibble on it constantly. This may be hard habit to break for some but well worth the effort. (5) Sunscreen In Winter: It is just as necessary to wear a sunscreen during the winter as it is in the summer. The temperature has nothing to do with it other than how often to reapply. Snow is highly reflective and can intensify the sun’s rays. Wear no less that an SPF15 on your face, neck and ear area while outdoors (whether driving, dog-walking, skiing, running, snowboarding or shopping). Stay warm and be safe!!

Article Credits: © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. FacesByCarla

Image Credits: PEANUTS Worldwide LLC.

Munk Debate May 2014: State Surveillance

2nd May, 2014

Munk DebateMunk Debates: Thrilled to be part of our 13th Munk Debate and provide Camera Ready Makeovers for our Client (Debaters and MC) | The 13th Debate: “State Surveillance: Be it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defence of our freedoms” | Watch online at http://munkdebates.com/debates/state-surveillance

Client Credit: The Munk Debates is an initiative of the Aurea Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Peter and Melanie Munk to support Canadian institutions involved in the study and development of public policy. The Munk Debates is organized by Rudyard Griffiths and Patrick Luciani, the co-directors of the Salon Speakers Series | Event/Debate Planning Credit: Naylor & Associates | Photo Credit: Munk Debates | Camera Ready Makeovers Credit: www.FacesByCarla.com and @FacesByCarla | Photo (left to right): Glenn Greenwald, Alexis Ohanian,  Alan Dershowitz, Michael Hayden

Ocean Style FashionShowcase Runway Show@Audi – Montego Bay Jamaica

7th October, 2013

Thanks to a wonderful team of colleagues for making the Ocean Style FashionShowcase such a great success and fun experience.

>> Credits: |Show: #FashionShowcase Runway Show @ Audi |Client Project: Ocean Style FashionShowcase 2012 & Ocean Style & Audi Celebrity Golf Invitational  |Event Management: Douglas K. Gordon and Krisha Marcano (Ocean Style Magazine)  |Photography Credits/Thanks: Ocean Style Magazine |Fashion Designer List: http://www.oceanstylemagazine.com/ocean-style-fashionshowcase-participating-designers/ |Creative Direction, Talent/Model Management & Show Styling: Norwayne Anderson, Janielle Mckoy, Kalechi Achonu  |Master of Ceremony: Arturo Gayle |Lead Hair Stylist: Grace Tarlaglia (+ many thanks to our local team of Stylists) |Lead Makeup Artist: Carla Naylor/FacesByCarla Inc. (+ many thanks to our local team of Artists) | More Photos: FacesByCarla.com and Facebook.com (id: FacesByCarla)OCEANSTYLE FASHIONSHOWCASE 1OCEANSTYLE FASHIONSHOWCASE 2OCEANSTYLE FASHIONSHOWCASE 2OCEANSTYLE FASHIONSHOWCASE 4OCEANSTYLE FASHIONSHOWCASE 3

TheWeddingCo. Magazine 2013 – Editorial Feature

28th September, 2013

TheWeddingCo2013 FeaturePage2-4

TheWeddingCo2013 FeaturePage3-4TheWeddingCo2013 FeaturePage4-4

Thanks @ TheWeddingCo. for The Beauty Feature! Credits: Publication: TheWeddingCo. 2013 Magazine | Photography: Rebecca Wood | Model: Andrea DeLuca, Ford Models | Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla.com

Elegant Wedding Magazine 2013 Edition – Style Feature

27th August, 2013


Thanks to Elegant Wedding for the Feature.  Credits>>> Publication: Elegant Wedding Winter/Spring 2013 Toronto Edition www.elegantwedding.ca | Venue: The Venetian Banquet & Hospitality Centre | Photographer & Videographer: Mango Studios | Models: Alex Holody (Next Models) and Anna Edwards (Next Models) | Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Inc.  | Gown by: Catherine Langlois Bridal Design | Gown by: Valencienne Bridal Design | Gown by: Ines Di Santo | Gown by: Pearl Bridal House | Concept & Planning: Truly Yours Planning | Invitations & Place Cards: So Pretty In Print | Vintage Rentals: Vintage Vignettes | Cake & Sweets: Patricia’s Cake Creations | Floral Creations: Creations by Gitta | Linens: Under Wraps Décor | Furniture: Contemporary Furniture Rentals Inc.

Munk Debates 2013 – “Tax the rich more?”

24th July, 2013

Munk Debate 2013

Munk Debates: We are so privileged to have met fascinating Debaters from all over the world at Munk Debates and truly appreciate to have been involved with providing Camera Ready Makeovers for our Client (Debaters and MC) over the past 6 years. | The 11th Debate: “Tax the rich more?” is available at http://munkdebates.com/debates/taxing-the-rich | Client Credit: The Munk Debates is an initiative of the Aurea Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Peter and Melanie Munk to support Canadian institutions involved in the study and development of public policy. The Munk Debates is organized by Rudyard Griffiths and Patrick Luciani, the co-directors of the Salon Speakers Series | Event/Debate Planning Credit: Naylor & Associates | Photo Credits: Munk Debates | Camera Ready Makeovers Credit: www.FacesByCarla.com and @FacesByCarla

Wedding Bells Magazine 2013 – Client Wedding Feature (Blog)

22nd June, 2013


Thanks to Wedding Bells for the Feature >> Credits >> Publication: Wedding Bells http://www.weddingbells.ca/real-weddings/a-romantic-winter-wedding-in-toronto-ontario/ | Client: Kristen  & Blair | Photography: Ben and Aileen Fretz of White Photographie | | Makeup &: Hair FacesByCarla (Carla and Kim) | Ceremony location: Arta Gallery | Reception location: Archeo | Bridal gown: Enzoani from Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique | Bridal party attire: Madeline’s Daughter and Freeman Formalwear | Groom’s tux: Freeman Formalwear | Cake: Irresistible Cakes | Caterer: Archeo | Favours: The Chocolate Factory and The Knot | Music: MacMillan Entertainment and Wellington Music | Flowers: Branching Out | Stationery: Cards & Pockets | Transportation: Two of a Kind Limousines | Décor: Designing Trendz


Wedluxe Magazine – Marie Antoinette Inspired Style Shoot

19th May, 2013



Thanks Angela Desveaux and WedLuxe Magazine for featuring our “Marie Antoinette Inspired Style Shoot” http://www.wedluxe.com/marieantoinetteSF |  Credits To Creative Team>> Photography: Corina V. Photography || Model: Ashley Byers || Creative Producer: Cynthia Martyn Events || Floral: Fuscia Designs || Gown and Wedding Coat: Valencienne || Mini Top Hat: Quirk & Sparkle || Shoes: Milk & Honey Shoes || Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Inc. || Cake and Cupcakes: Connie Cupcake || Letterpress Stationery: Sweet Peony Press || Location: The Faculty Club, University of Toronto || Glassware, Linens and Chiavari chairs: Chair-Man Mills || Furniture Rentals: Contemporary Furniture Rentals Inc.

Elegant Wedding Magazine 2013 Edition – Style Feature

12th May, 2013


Thanks to Elegant Wedding for the Feature. Credits>>> Publication: Elegant Wedding Winter/Spring 2013 Toronto Edition www.elegantwedding.ca | Venue: The Venetian Banquet & Hospitality Centre | Photographer & Videographer: Mango Studios | Models: Alex Holody (Next Models) and Anna Edwards (Next Models) | Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Inc.  | Gown by: Catherine Langlois Bridal Design | Gown by: Valencienne Bridal Design | Gown by: Ines Di Santo | Gown by: Pearl Bridal House | Concept & Planning: Truly Yours Planning | Invitations & Place Cards: So Pretty In Print | Vintage Rentals: Vintage Vignettes | Cake & Sweets: Patricia’s Cake Creations | Floral Creations: Creations by Gitta | Linens: Under Wraps Décor | Furn


iture: Contemporary Furniture Rentals Inc.

Wedding Bells Magazine 2013 Special Edition – Client Wedding Feature

20th April, 2013

Wedding Bells 2013 Kristy Page 3 and 4Wedding Bells 2013 Kristy Page 5 and 6

Wedding Bells 2013 Kristy Page 1 and 2

Thanks so much to Wedding Bells (2013 Real Weddings Special Edition) for the Feature >> Credits >> Publication: Wedding Bells | Client:  Kristy & Christopher | Location: Graydon Hall | Photography: Renaissance Studios | Design Consultant: Cynthia Martyn Events | Bride’s Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla.com or @FacesByCarla | Flowers: Fuscia Designs | DJ: Michael Coombs Entertainment | Music: Wellington Music (String Quartet) | Stationary: Love The Design | Cakes & Favours: Bobbette & Belle | Bridal Gown/Bridal Party Attire: Amsale at Pearl Bridal House | Groom’s Attire:  Garrison Bespoke | Bridal Jewellery:  Elsa Corsi

Elegant Wedding Magazine 2013 Edition – Style Feature

7th April, 2013




Thanks to Elegant Magazine! Credits>>> Publication: Elegant Wedding Winter/Spring 2013 Toronto Edition www.elegantwedding.ca | Venue: The Venetian Banquet & Hospitality Centre | Photographer & Videographer: Mango Studios | Models: Alex Holody (Next Models) and Anna Edwards (Next Models) | Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Inc.  | Gown by: Catherine Langlois Bridal Design | Gown by: Valencienne Bridal Design | Gown by: Ines Di Santo | Gown by: Pearl Bridal House | Concept & Planning: Truly Yours Planning | Invitations & Place Cards: So Pretty In Print | Vintage Rentals: Vintage Vignettes | Cake & Sweets: Patricia’s Cake Creations | Floral Creations: Creations by Gitta | Linens: Under Wraps Décor | Furniture: Contemporary Furniture Rentals Inc.

Elegant Wedding Magazine 2013 – Client Wedding Feature

7th April, 2013


Thanks to www.elegantwedding.ca for the Wedding Feature. Credits > Publication: Elegant Wedding Winter/Spring 2013 Toronto Edition | Photographer:  Little Blue Lemon | Bridal Client: Shannon | MELEGANT WEDDING TO_2013_36akeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Inc.

Wedding Bells Magazine 2013 – Client Wedding Feature on Blog

1st March, 2013

Thanks05_amyisaiah_toronto so04_amyisaiah_toronto much to Wedding Bells for the feature | Credits: Client: Amy Dixon || Publication: Wedding Bells http://www.weddingbells.ca/blogs/real-weddings/2012/12/06/a-whimsical-fall-wedding-in-toronto-ontario/ || Photography: Lisa McPeek, Ikonica || Wedding Planner: Cynthia Martyn Events || Makeup: FacesByCarla Inc. || Floral Design: Fuscia Designs|| Dress: Jim Hjelm from L&J Bridal || Cake: Macarons from Cake Opera Co. || Music: Michael Coombs Entertainment | Calligraphy: Barbara Kua01_amyisaiah_toronto

Elegant Wedding Magazine Winter/Spring 2013 – Cover Feature

2nd January, 2013

elegant wedding magazine cover winter 2012/spring 2013FacesByCarla is so thrilled and appreciative to be featured on the COVER of Elegant Wedding Magazine Winter/Spring 2013 Toronto Edition.

Cover Credits> Publication: Elegant Wedding Magazine (Theo Dermatis and Soula Melemenis) || Model: Alex Holody, Next Models || Photography by: Mango Studios (Mo Govindji and Nancy Da Costa) || Retouching: Anthony Turano || Stylist: Charlotte Carson, Judy Inc. || Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Inc. || Gown: Ines Di Santo || Shawl: Valencienne || Earrings & Arm-cuff: Rita Tesolin

Print Edition: Available at newsstands on January 9 2013 and www.elegantwedding.ca

Wedding Nouveau Feature 2012 – Tina & Ken

31st August, 2012

Wedding Nouveau 2012 Feature 2Wedding Nouveau 2012 Feature 3

Jamie’s Wedding – Wedding Bells Magazine Feature 2012

27th May, 2012

FacesByCarla Makeup and Hair - Jamie's Wedding 1FacesByCarla Makeup and Hair - Jamie's Wedding 2

Fashion Shoot for Altered Image Brand

3rd April, 2012


Tim Burton @ TIFF

31st March, 2012

Tim Burton - TIFF 1Tim Burton @ TIFF 2

Tony Blair & Chris Hitchens @ Munk Debates

31st March, 2012

Munk Debates - Telegraph UK (Photo Credit)

Kate Spade Inspired – Wedluxe Magazine Feature 2012

31st March, 2012

kate spade 1

Chantal’s Wedding – The WeddingCo Magazine Feature 2012

31st March, 2012

Chantal's Wedding 1chantal wedding2

Wedluxe Magazine – Client Wedding Feature (Blog)

31st March, 2012

wedfeature0aawedfeature0a Credits > Publication: Wedluxe,  Client: Sara, Wedding  Planner: Cynthia  Martyn, Photo: Life Images,  Makeup: FacesByCarla

Toronto Life 2012 Feature for FacesByCarla

31st March, 2012

TorontoLife Feature

Susie Weds Daniel!

19th December, 2011

Susie's WeddingWe were so pleased to be part of Susie’s wedding – such a great client to work with! Thanks for being so awesome Susie!  Best wishes to Daniel and you on your newly married life!!


-Carla, all I have to say is you took my husband’s breath away on Saturday. I never got the chance to seriously thank you and Kim for making me look so beautiful because we were in such a rush and my nerves were getting the best of me! But I loved everything, the makeup, the hair, and your calm and collect presence that helped me breath. Can’t wait for you to see the pics. All the best, and I will certainly be calling you again in the future. Xo  Susie


-Client: Susie Valde Sparre

-Photography: Rachelle Rousseau

-Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla (Carla and Kim)

Toronto Fashion Week: October 17-21 2011

7th October, 2011

Toronto Fashion Week Oct 17-21

Toronto Fashion Week will be back in full swing soon: October 17-21 2011

It was my 18th season at Toronto Fashion Week working for the L’Oreal Creative Beauty Team. Looking fwd to doing shows for awesome Canadian Fashion Designers!

Please come to support fashion and creativity in your very own city. For more info. on Toronto Fashion Week, please visit www.lgfashionweek.ca

Amy’s Engagement Shoot

7th October, 2011

Amy's ShootWe were delighted to be part of Amy’s engagement shoot and excited to be part of her upcoming fall wedding.


-Client: Amy

-Event Planner: Cynthia Martyn

-Photography: John Edgar

-Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

Fashion Fundraiser for Women of Baycrest – Spring/Summer 2011

18th July, 2011

Baycrest Fundraiser - Spring Summer 2011 Baycrest Fundraiser - Spring Summer 2011 Baycrest Fundraiser - Spring Summer 2011 Baycrest Fundraiser Spring Summer 2011

FacesByCarla was delighted to provide makeup and hair expertise for a fashion show in support Women Of Baycrest.

A few photos are attached. More on facesbycarla.com or facebook.com/facesbycarla


-Client: Women of Baycrest/Baycrest Foundation

-Photography: Vito Amati/Still Media

-Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

-Event Planner: Francine Socket & Associates

-Fashion Show Producer: Monarch Events Group

-Store/Brand/Designer: Andrews

Munk Debates: “Be it Resolved, the 21st Century Belong to China”

17th July, 2011

Munk DebatesMunk DebatesMunk Debates

FacesByCarla was so pleased to support The Munk Debates  as always and provide Camera-ready Makeovers on June 17 2011 for four world-class debaters:  Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Fareed Zakaria, Niall Ferguson and Dr David Daokui Li.

-Topic: “Be it Resolved, the 21st Century Belong to China”.

-Pro: Niall Ferguson & David Daokui Li vs. Con: Henry Kissinger & Fareed Zakaria

-Pre-Debate Results: Pro 39%, Con 40% and Undecided 21%

-Post-Debate Results: Pro 38% and Con 62%

-Debater Profiles and Debate Video: www.munkdebates.com

-Photo 1:  Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Henry Kissinger

-Photo 2: Niall Ferguson, Henry Kissinger, Fareed Zakaria, Peter Munk, and David Daokui Li.

-Photo 3: Henry Kissinger

-Photographer: Richard Budman, Shot7.com

-Event Planning & PR Firm: MDG  & Associates

-Camera Ready Makeovers: FacesByCarla Inc.

The Royal Wedding @ Style Me Pretty

1st April, 2011

royal 3royal2royal 1

We had the opportunity to work on The Royal Wedding Inspired Shoot recently with a team of wonderful colleagues. 

Hope you enjoy our take on the Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

A few ‘close-up’ photos are attached to showcase makeup and hair.

More photos are available on www.stylemepretty.com, www.facesbycarla.com  and www.facebook.com/facesbycarla

Credits: Feature: StyleMePretty.com | Photography: MIMMO & NAZ | Event Design & Styling: Principal Planner | Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla | Model: Ashley Steinhart, Next Models | Location: Graydon Hall | Flowers: Stemz Florals | Wedding Invitations: Palettera | Shoes: Chaussures X2B | Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo | Bride’s Hat: KC’s Hats | Wedding Cake: The Caketress | Event Rentals: Chair-man Mills | Linens (Tablescape): Celebrations Group | Linens (Cake Table): Luxe Linens

Happy 10th Birthday Elle!

13th March, 2011

facesbycarla blog ELLE Sketchfacesbycarla blog - elle1facesbycarla blog - elle2

We were commissioned by our client to do a Live Fashion Show at the Elle Canada’s 10th Anniversary Party.

It was so much fun to bring the “Elle Girl” to life.  Our inspiration was a sketch from the talented designer Denis Gagnon. With the help of makeup, hair, styling, wardrobe and models, we created 2 unique Elle Birthday Girls. Which one is your favorite?

Fashion Shoot Credits > Client: Elle Magazine | Photographer: Vito Amati | Makeup & Hair: Carla for Makeup and Steven for Hair, FacesByCarla Inc. | Models for FacesByCarla: Kamila and Daisy | Wardrobe: Denis Gagnon | Project Management: Interadical, Inc. | Creative Direction: Stop Tyme Productions Inc. | Event Planning: Francine Socket & Associates

Love Without Boundaries!

19th February, 2011


Christina and Kenny’s Wedding was MAGICAL! A few pictures of Christina are published here. More on www.facesbycarla.com

Credits > Wedding Planning: Cynthia Martyn. Photographer: 5ive 5ifteen, Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

Hudson’s Bay Company 2011 For Gift Registry Catalog Cover

19th February, 2011

hbc cover 2011

 Always a pleasure being a part of anything and everything creative with my peers. Here is a fun shoot we did for HBC.

Credits > Project: Cover for the Hudson’s Bay Company 2011 Gift Registry Catalog. Creative Direction/Styling: Cynthia Martyn, Photographer: John Edgar, Makeup & Hair: Carla for Makeup and Kim for Hair, FacesByCarla, Model: Brea Hardowa, Sutherland Models, Dress: Jealous Bridesmaids Bridal Boutique

Winter Magic @ Style Me Pretty

18th January, 2011

Winter Magic at StyleMePretty 1Winter Magic at Style Me Pretty 2Winter Magic at StyleMePretty 3

We were ecstatic to work with a wonderful team and bring holiday inspired ideas to life for a magical winter shoot.


Style Me Pretty Feature Photos:  http://www.stylemepretty.com/2010/12/24/merry-christmas-a-fabulous-winter-shoot-by-cynthia-martyn/ 


Style Me Pretty Feature Video:  http://vimeo.com/17892128


Hope you enjoy!


Credits:  Editorial Feature:  StyleMePretty.com, Creative Direction: Cynthia Martyn Events / Photography: Laura Jane Photography | Cinematography: mimmo+naz | Hair & Makeup:  Carla for Makeup and Paola for Hair,  FacesByCarla Inc. | Location: The Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto | Stationery & Printed Elements: Laura K Design | Meringue Towers: Bobbette & Belle | Truffle Tower: Kakayo Chocolate Company | Shoes: Hey Lady | Dress: the “Ruby” by Coren Moore | Bride’s Wrap: Modern Romance | Favors: Custom Soap by Carved Solutions | Balloons: BalloonTrix | Rentals: Exclusive Affair | Linen: Around The Table

Inspired By Royality: Lady Grey -Wedluxe Feature

23rd December, 2010

wedluxe_ladygrey_9Lady Grey – A hint of British aristocratic elegance with cameo appearances by pastel shades of coral, pink and butter yellow.

It was such a pleasure to be part of the Lady Grey editorial shoot with a team of wonderful and talented peers. The shoot is featured in the Winter/Spring 2011 Eastern Canada Edition of WedLuxe Magazine. A few photographs are enclosed.

Credits > Creative Producer: Cynthia Martyn Events. Photography: Verve Photo Co. Makeup & Hair : FacesByCarla. Jewelry: Sweet Rox Jewelry. Hair Fascinator: Twigs & Honey. Dress: Jim Hjlem Blush at Sash & Bustle Floral Design: Fuscia Designs. Cake: Bobbette & Belle. Stationary: Love The Dress. Publication: Wedluxe Magazine

Featuring Daniela & Marco’s Wedding – Wedluxe Feature and Award

23rd December, 2010

wedfeature3wedfeature7Wedluxe Feature Wedding: It was an honor to receive the Best Vendor Award from Wedluxe magazine for Daniela+Marco’s Wedding. The wedding is featured in the Winter/Spring 2011 Eastern Canada Edition of WedLuxe Magazine. For more photographs please check out the publication.

Credits > Makeup: FacesByCarla. Photography: Ikonica. Wedding Planner: Spectacular Spectacular. Publication: Wedluxe Magazine

FacesByCarla Best Vendor Award Winner – Wedluxe

6th December, 2010

1 (2)FacesByCarla is very touched and honored!

Thank you so much to Angela Desveaux, Editor in Chief and Wedluxe magazine for our generous award for Daniela+Marco’s Wedding to be featured in the Winter/Spring 2011 Eastern Canada Edition of WedLuxe Magazine.

Special thanks to Daniela, our bride/client for the opportunity to be part of her wedding.

Makeup: FacesByCarla

Mad Men @ The Arnold Party

14th October, 2010

FacesByCarla - Mad Men1CREDITS>
|Client: www.BusinessforArts.org
|Event: The Arnold Party – 32nd Business for Arts Awards Gala 2010
|Theme: Mad Men (Don, Betty, Roger, Joan)
|Creative Direction, Makeup Artistry, Hair Expertise, Wardrobe Styling, Fashion Models: www.FacesByCarla.com
|Photography for FacesByCarla Inc.: www.MichelleQuancePhotography.com
|Project Management: www.Interadical.com

TIFF 2010 Opening Film & Gala!

18th September, 2010


Hanging out with the stunning Olivia Newton John (Score: Hockey Musical: Her film opened TIFF’s 35 Annv of 300 films in 11 days!!)

Toronto International Film Festival – 2010

20th August, 2010


We are pleased to be involved with Toronto International Film Festival media, executive, celebrity and red carpet related events this year again (WOW, a year goes by quickly!).

Please come show your love and support for films from Sep 9 to 19 2010.

More at www.tiff.net


Apricot Delight @ StyleMePretty

16th June, 2010


Style Me Pretty: A elegant shoot with a team of wonderfully talented people. I LOVE Apricot – I hope you do!

Credits: Concept Design & Styling: Cynthia Martyn Events Inc. / Photography: Rebecca Wood Photography / Hair & Makeup: FacesByCarla / Floral Design: Stemz / Stationery: Love The Design / Wedding Cake: Lori Hutchinson, The Caketress / Dress: Saja Wedding via Sash & Bustle Boutique / Hair Flowers: Handle & Spout / Table Props: Cynthia Martyn Events Inc. & Stemz / Furnishings: Rentals via Chairman Mills and photographers’ own collection.

StyleMePretty Photos: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2010/06/14/pink-wedding-inspiration-by-cynthia-martyn-events/

Pampering Yourself & Yr Bridal Party: Wedding Day Prep

15th June, 2010

facesbycarla bride

We get queries from brides-to-be like you all the time — so here are a few tips about pampering yourself and your girls during the wedding process:

Makeup & Hair: To look glamorous, radiant, stunning and natural on the day of and in pictures doesn’t require magic. It just requires you being yourself, having fun and working with vendors whom you love. We suggest selecting a look whether classic or trendy, keeping in mind your wedding theme, dress, accessories, skin tone and hair type. Doing a trial before your wedding is always a great idea. Bringing pictures to the trial as well as hair add-ons (hair pieces, extensions, flowers, barrettes, veils, etc.)  is very helpful. A trial is a wonderful opportunity to play with a couple of looks and judge the quality of the makeup artist/hair stylist. Do keep in mind that what may look amazing in a magazine, may or may not work for you – so keep an open mind. If you have any allergies to specific makeup or hair products do inform your artist/stylist in advance. To prep for the wedding day, come with a clean face – no makeup and a clean head -washed dried hair with no products. If you have very dry skin then do exfoliate the nite before.  Also request your bridal party to bring pictures on the wedding day so the makeup artist/hair stylist can replicate the looks.

Lashes: Lots of brides get lash applications for their wedding day.  We are huge fans of individual lashes as they look so natural and pop the eyes. We do not recommend full strips (unless a bride really wants them) as they just weigh down the eyes, make the eyes look smaller and do not look that natural.

Eye-wear: If you wear prescription eye glasses on a daily basis and want to switch to eye contacts for your wedding day; please do not wait till the last minute. Eyes take time to adjust to contacts – sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks. Runny eyes can be such a disaster on the day of the wedding: you will be irritated, makeup will smudge,  etc. so please keep this in mind.

Facials: If you and your girls decide to get facials, then it’s best to do it as far in advance as you can. Skin may have a reaction to products; acne under the skin (if any) will most likely possibly come out, etc. Sure, a facial will purify the skin and make you girls look radiant. However keep in mind that if you do break out in a few spots; allocate enough time so that skin would heal back to normal before the wedding. If you have regular facials, then the side-effects should be minimal (or none) assuming you use the same person/routine/products. Ideal time for facials: Typically 2-4 days before your wedding.

Massages: Even though massages on the morning of your wedding day sound wonderfully relaxing and fun; however it may not be the best idea. Skin will definitely get oily for you and your bridal party – could result in breakouts around the face area, products used on the skin may have a reaction and most importantly, the makeup will not set properly as your skin will be non-uniformly oily. So I would not recommend massages on the day of. Ideal time for massages: Typically 1 day before wedding.

Brow Shaping & Threading A simple and common procedure that can make the world of difference in putting your great face forward. You need a plan of action on deciding where your brows are going to start, end, and where to place the peak of the arch. Please keep in mind that arching your brow doesn’t mean two perfect half circles or arches, which doesn’t complement your facial features. It does mean to clean up the excess hair to better frame your eyes. It is best to go to a brow expert (esthetician) if you have time. If the hair is just too short for tweezing, don’t push the tweezers into the skin. Scraping, bleeding or even scarring can result if your esthetician or you get a little too forceful with tweezers. Having some hair is a better option over broken skin. Instead, just wait until the hair is a bit longer and can be easily grabbed on to. Also, I know there are little razors sold out there specifically for your brows but it is not recommended to shave eyebrows. Going for a professional eyebrow waxing is a good option too. However do not experiment on new wax products close to your wedding day and it is best to stick to your regular esthetician in getting your brows groomed. Ideal time for brows: Typically 3-5 days before wedding.

Sun-less Tanning: As they say too much sun can potentially damage your skin. So a sun-less tan (spray-on, tanning bed, etc). is a good option if you want some color on your skin before the big day. It typically lasts about 5-7 days and looks great after a day or two of being applied. It is recommended to avoid getting wet (bath/shower) or sweating (gym/activity) for about 8 hrs (Ideally 24 hours if possible). For best results it is important to completely exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face, neck and body before getting a sun-less tan. Please do not moisturize your skin prior to your treatment. The tanning solution works best on clean, smooth, dry skin. Do not apply makeup before the sun-less tanning. A moisturizer can be applied 30 minutes after the treatment if you like. Please make sure you let the salon tanning specialist know that you are getting married if you decide to do sun-less tanning. Ideal time to get a sun-less tan done is 2-4 days before your wedding.

Enhanced YOU: The best beauty tips I can offer is to drink lots of water and get at least 8 hrs of sleep daily. Also a nutritious diet and active lifestyle goes a long way in keeping your skin more beautiful, healthy and radiant.

Photographer: A great photographer will capture your wedding memories forever.  So do the research and hire the best you can afford and most importantly have “chemistry” with.  I promise the return on your investment will be priceless!!!!

General ‘Day Of’ Tips: Scheduling a lot of things on your wedding day is a recipe for much stress and potential delays. So please keep the day simple and fun!! Your wedding planner is your best friend at your wedding so exploit her/his talents!! Also, kindly trust the vendors (experts) you hired to help make your day special.) Let the vendors (makeup, hair, photography, etc) come to you instead of running around all over the city. It is your special day so focus on YOU!! Allocate adequate time for makeup, hair, getting dressed, pre-ceremony pictures, lunch and most definitely a glass of champagne to toast with your loved ones!!

Congrats and all the best, Carla

Photo Credit: Laura Jane Photography.  Bride’s Makeup: FacesByCarla

Making A Difference

14th June, 2010

Children’s Aid FoundationFacesByCarla Is Pleased To Support The Children’s Aid Foundation’s 10th Annual Women’s Golf Classic On June 21, 2010 And Contribute Towards The Silent Auction.

The Children’s Aid Foundation is a national organization committed to improving the lives of abused, neglected and at risk children and youth through prevention, enrichment and education.

For more on the Children’s Aid Foundation and how you can help to make a difference, please visit: http://www.cafdn.org/default.aspx

LOVE Me Always!

4th May, 2010

beth weddingfb1bethandjohn2

It was such a pleasure to do an engagement shoot with Beth and John!  And then to be part of their beautiful wedding day. 

I LOVE their shoot and wedding pictures!! Btw, isn’t John is a lucky man?  Lol!

Credits> Photography: 5ive15ifteen. Wedding Planner: Cynthia Martyn Events. Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

Beautify Your Event!

4th May, 2010

facesbycarla blog beautify your event1FacesByCarla is so delighted to support diverse events from fashion to bridal to fundraiser to more. Check out a few interesting ones in May & June:

The Dorothy Ley Hospice Fundraiser: The Dorothy Ley Hospice’s 20th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser on June 11, 2010 at Toronto Congress Center.  More at www.dlhospice.org

Luminato:  Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity from June 11-13 2010. More at www.luminato.com

Imagine A Cure For Leukemia Fundraiser: The 5th Annual fundraiser in support of The Imagine A Cure For Leukemia organization will take place on May 27, 2010. More at www.imagineacureforleukemia.com

Wedding On Main Street: FacesByCarla Makeup & Hair is pleased to support the by-invite “Weddings On Main Street” event. Come join us for an intimate wedding show on May 15-16. More at www.weddingsonmainstreet.com

 A Night Of Endless Possibilities Kids Fundraiser: The Future Possibilities for Kids Fundraising Event on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at Maro. Luxury raffle, great food, good times, awesome cause. More at www.fpcanada.org

 Most Wanted Fashion Fundraiser: Most Wanted Fundraiser at On Thursday May 6, 2010 Eagles Nest Golf Club in Support of Cancer Research at Princess Margaret Hospital. More at www.eaglesnestgolf.com

Nurses Celebrating Nurses / Nurses Investing in Nurses Gala: The Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario 2010 Fundraising Gala on May 5, 2010 at Liberty Grand. More at www.rnfoo.org

Indie meets Couture Wedding Show: FacesbyCarla is pleased to be a by-invite-only exhibitor at The Spring Wedding Show on May 1 2010 at The Drake. More at www.theweddingco.com


LOVE Multiplied!

16th April, 2010


It is always such a pleasure to be part of a client’s wedding – love is everywhere.  And then a real treat to see how love has grown into so much more over time.


Thanks to the exquisite Yanan and her wonderful family for making me part of her life’s loving moments!  XO Carla p.s. A few pics from the family shoot!


Credits >

Family Shoot:  Client: Yanan, Photography: Laura Jane, Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

Wedding: Client: Yanan, Planner: Cynthia Martyn, Photography: Laura Jane, Makeup: FacesByCarla

Gaudet @ Fashion Week Fall 2010

30th March, 2010


Fashion Week is in full swing and designer Gaudet launched a beautiful Fall 2010 collection with COLOR COLOR COLOR!  

Here is one runaway shot and a couple of backstage  pics of my model from the Gaudet show.

Credits > Designer: Gaudet, Runway Photography: George Pimentel & Team,  Model’s Makeup > Carla Naylor for Eddie Maleterre, Artistic Director/L’Oreal Paris Creative Beauty Team.

Fashion Week: The Power Of Style

29th March, 2010

fashion week opening gala

Toronto Fashion Week is back with an exciting new theme “The Power Of Style” and a brand new venue “The All Stream Centre”  .

The event will run from March 28 to April 1, 2010  and showcase Fall/Winter 2010 Collections from some of Canada’s best designers such as David Dixon, Pink Tartan and more.

I am so excited that it is my 15th season at Fashion Week working for the L’Oreal Creative Beauty Team and doing these amazing shows!

Come support fashion and creativity in your own city! More at http://www.lgfashionweek.ca. Photo: DJ Honey Dijon and friends at The Opening Gala.

Chic Personified!

14th March, 2010

cynthia at sashandbustle4cynthia at sashandbustle1

Getting Married? Well, you gotta check out Sash & Bustle!!


I had the opportunity to be involved with a photo shoot with my dear colleague Cynthia Martyn, founder and owner of Sash & Bustle.


Sash & Bustle is a chic boutique located in downtown Toronto. They feature bridesmaid apparel, an edited collection of bridal gown alternatives, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, hair accessories, and gifts for the modern bride & bridesmaid.


And the best part:  For those unable to visit this modern bridal loft in person, can now show online 24/7. More at: www.sashandbustle.com


Credits > Boutique: Sash & Bustle, Photography:  Rebecca Wood. Makeup and Hair: Carla Naylor/FacesByCarla

Minimize Dark Circles+Puffiness (Men & Women)

15th February, 2010

dark circles- Get adequate sleep – 8 hrs is ideal (at a minimum 6 hrs please!)

- Drink 8-10 glasses of water to hydrate your skin.

- Use day eye-cream with SPF and night eye cream on a daily basis after washing face (all seasons inc. winter)

- Use cucumber slices as they have a soothing effect on your eyes. Easy to apply when relaxed at home. 45-60 mins application is ideal. This is a perfect time to unwind, mediate and relieve stress too.

-Apply cold compresses e.g. freezer packs or damp cloths for 5-10 mins on your temple and eye area as they works great.

-Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they give you all the necessary vitamins and avoid iron deficiency (which is a cause for dark circles).

-Most importantly, exercise regularly to look young, vibrant and healthy e.g. yoga, walking, biking, running, gym, etc. anything to stay active…P.S. Best way to stay fit is to get or adopt a dog (like I did – lol). More at http://www.torontohumanesociety.com

Have a wonderful day!! XO Carla

Always A Stunner > Bride to Mom!

5th February, 2010

jessfb2jessfb12Such a joy to do a family shoot for the stunning Jessica and wonderful family (whose wedding we also did last summer – thanks to her planner and my colleague Cynthia Martyn). I am so in love with Noah (the baby).

A couple of photos from the shoot are attached. More on FacesByCarla.com.

Key Credits> Photography: Laura Jane, Makeup & Hair Styling: FacesByCarla

Style Me Pretty > Inspiration to Reality

5th February, 2010

stylemprettyfb1stylemprettyfb18stylemprettyfb22FacesByCarla had the opportunity to do Vancouver native Elisa’s winter wedding in Toronto (February 22, 2009 to be exact – never forget dates or faces). Almost a year later (Dec 21, 2009) we were looking for a real life couple to bring StyleMePretty.com’s  warm, exotic and rich Inspiration Board to Reality and I thought of Elisa and Mark. Our creative team for the shoot loved them and it was such a fun shoot!

 A few photos from the shoot are attached. More on FacesByCarla.com and StyleMePretty.com. Hope you enjoy!

 Key Credits > Concept Design & Styling: Cynthia Martyn Events Inc., Photography: Mimmo+Naz, Makeup & Hair Styling: FacesByCarla, Cake & Dessert Table: Cake Opera Co., Invitations: Bella Invites, Floral Design: Fuscia Designs, Venue: Fermenting Cellar The Distillery District.

Love & Support for Haitian Children

24th January, 2010

love and support for haiti

As many of you, we are deeply saddened by the tragedy in Haiti; especially how their children have been impacted.  We have made a commitment as a small business to make a monetary donation from every project we do in 2010 towards charitable organizations dedicated to helping Haitian children.

FacesByCarla Foundation is our philanthropic arm incubated with the desire to give back to the community and add smiles to those we touch!  We are pleased to admit that 10+% of our net profit and 20+% of our time is invested towards fundraising events annually – supporting health, children, women, and animal related causes.  If there is a worthwhile cause you think we can help with, please email us at GivingBack@FacesByCarla.com with your organization/event details. Thank you kindly! Photo Credit: Unknown

I Heart TIFF! :)

29th December, 2009

canada's top ten 1canada's top ten 2Canada’s Top Ten is an event to celebrate Canadian Cinema, where Tiff announces the 10 best Canadian feature and the 10 best Canadian short films each year.

It was such a pleasure to provide makeup and hair expertise for my client TIFF (re: Liane Balaban, Actress and MC for Canada’s Top Ten 2009 Event).

Photo 1: Liane Balaban (actress), Carla Naylor (me). Photo 2: Carla Naylor (Me)

Fashion Meets Bridal!

9th December, 2009

alfred sung bridal fashion week1Alfred Sung Fashion Week

It was a pleasure and honour to do the makeup look on the lead model for the esteemed designer Alfred Sung’s Bridal show at Toronto Fashion Week.

Alfred Sung loved the looks at the show so much that he made the Fashion Week photos and videos as the key ad campaign for his Bridal line.  More at alfredsungbridals.com.

The first photo was also featured as an editorial in Today’s Bride 30th Anniversary Edition.

Credits > Designer: Alfred Sung. Event: Toronto Fashion Week. Model: Lina. Photos: George Pimentel & Team, Lina’s Makeup: Carla Naylor for L’Oreal as a part of the creative beauty team.

Giving Back!

6th December, 2009


Fundraisers are very close to our heart and over 20% of our time every year is invested to support fundraiser type initiatives. Picture of our Beauty/Makeover Station from the Rethink Breast Cancer’s Annual Romp event. Would you like to add more beauty to your fundraiser event? More at http://facesbycarla.com/sntFBC/services.htm

Active Woman Magazine Cover Shoot * Mothers’ Promo

4th December, 2009

facesbycarla yummy mummy

FacesByCarla is pleased to have been part of hundreds of weddings over 19 years; and we are delighted that many of our brides are either mums-to-be or mums now. CONGRATS!! So after much request, we’ve launched Yummy Mummy@FacesByCarla and offer three fun-filled promotions to celebrate “YOU”, our existing client.
1. Mum-to-be | Mummy-Baby Photo Shoot: Shouldn’t unforgettable memories be where you look stunning and your baby (or baby belly) looks precious? We think so!!  Why not indulge in a fun-filled professional shoot to capture those memories with best-of-breed talent instead of settling for blurry photos by a relative or the boring photos taken at your neighbourhood Sears? Offer: Enjoy a Makeup Application, False-Eyelashes, Hair Styling and Photography by top tier talent. Includes 2 hours getting ready time for Makeup Application, False-Eyelashes, Hair Styling, 2 hours photography/shoot time. Digital CD included. Photo prints extra.

2. Yummy Mummy’s Night Out: Get glammed up for the nite out to enjoy well deserved R&R with your BFF. Offer: Enjoy a 2-1 Makeup Application, False-Eyelashes, Hair Styling for you and your bestest girlfriend.
3. Yummy Mummy Beautify, Sip, & Chill: Catch-up with your girlfriends, family or colleagues over drinks at a house party. Offer: A 2-hour makeover party where we share beauty tips, season trends, de-clutter your makeup bags in the first 30 mins and do 10-15 min mini-makeovers on typically 6-8 faces.

All the above packages can be customised. Preferred Pricing for existing clients. Please email us for details.

Credits: Active Woman Cover Model’s Makeup by FacesByCarla. Photo:  Thanks to Active Woman

Take My Breath Away… @FacesByCarla

30th November, 2009


Over 825 weddings in 19+ years, including 69 as of Nov 30 2009…Congrats! I love you all and I will state on record that brides are my favourite clients!

Each bride is so unique yet exudes that same balance of passion, radiance, nervousness, excitement and happiness on her wedding day as she embarks on a new chapter. How beautifully a photographer’s lens captures her precious memories forever!!

This wedding picture of the exquisite Laura always takes my breath away! Does it yours?

Credits> Photography: Heather Douglas.  Makeup and Hair: FacesByCarla

Munk Debates

29th November, 2009

 mia at munk debates 1mia munk debates

It is always so much fun doing makeup for the speakers and guests at Munk Debates. I am looking forward to the Munk Debates “Be It Resolved, Climate Change is Mankind’s Defining Crisis and Deserves a Commensurate Response” on Dec 1st – such an important topic! Tickets, webcast and more at Munk Debates.com Here are a few pics from the previous Munk events I have been involved. Photo1: Mia Farrow. Photo 2: Mia Farrow, Gareth Evans, Carla Naylor.  

CREDITS: Mia and Gareth’s Makeup: FacesByCarla. Event Planner:Deb Lewis, City Events

Something Blue

29th November, 2009

sarah 1sarah 4Something Blue signifies loyalty, purity and faithfulness. Typically brides incorporate blue in their wedding outfit, décor or flowers; however I simple adore how the stunning Sarah added ‘blue’ to the beautiful dresses she chose for her bridesmaids!  And can you believe it that all the girls have blue eyes? Wow eh? Credits> Photography: Michelle Quance. Venue: Toronto Hunt Club. Makeup: FacesByCarla

Rick Mercer “Bustles” Fashion Week

27th November, 2009

rick mercer at fashion week

rick mercer 2It was awesome to meet Rick Mercer (LOVE his show!!) and do his makeup for the Bustle Spring/Summer 2010 collections for Fashion Week. I hope to  find the runway video from  his blog. In the interim, here is a couple of pic from the show. Credits > Photo1: Paul Tanaka for Behind The Lens Photography. Photo2: Runway Shot in Toronto Star by Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press. Makeup: Carla Naylor for L’Oreal Creative Beauty Team for Fashion Week.

Maids Of Glory!

26th November, 2009

kate2kate1Bridesmaids are a blessing to a bride on her wedding day. My lovely bride Kate has so many maids by her

side – LOVE personified! Credits> Wedding Planner: Bliss Events.  Venue: RCYC. Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

Commotion of Sexy ‘n’ Sporty: Audi + Bustle

23rd November, 2009

audi2audi and bustleWe recently had a wonderful opportunity to do a live shoot in the midst of the Design Exchange’s Annual Black & White Gala with “Commotion” as this year’s theme. The shoot featured the new mind-blowing Audi R8 and the sporty-sexy Bustle Clothing Line designed exclusively for Audi. Audi+Bustle: Can one get any more stylish? Credits >PR: MediaCOM, Photos: George Pimentel, Label: Bustle. Models: NAM. Makeup: FacesByCarla

Fashion Week After Party#1

23rd November, 2009

fashion week2fashion week1Finally time off to enjoy a much needed drink with colleagues and friends after another busy day doing shows at Fashion Week!  

Photo 1: Eva Shaw (Model), Robin K (FDCC/Fashion Week Organizer), Carla Naylor (Me), Shinan Govani (National Post) .

Photo 2: Kim Newport-Mimran (Pink Tartan), Carla Naylor (Me), Joe Mimran (Joe Fresh)


22nd November, 2009


One of the most luxurious brands — Yes, I have passion for anything and everything ESCADA! Only wish I could afford to buy it all! lol.  A few pics for the many fashion events I have done for my client. P.s. Photos: Paul Tanaka. Makeup: FacesByCarla

We Are Family: Bride & Mother of Bride

22nd November, 2009

adrienne bridal


A recent Toronto wedding of a bride visiting her family in Canada from the United Kingdom. The wondrous mother-daughter moment was captured by the best of the best lens master, Michelle Quance! Credits: Michelle Quance Photography. Makeup: FacesByCarla

Unmasked@CAMH – Center of Addiction and Mental Health Fundraiser

22nd November, 2009


We had the privilege to be involved with Queen St. Unmasked again this year, a fundraiser for the  (CAMH).  This year’s event was a huge success and raised nearly $600,000 for the CAMH Redevelopment project.

We were responsible for adding glamour and excitement for the client’s event by creating event theme looks on each of our 8 models who helped sell raffle tickets ($18 K) and foster CAMH awareness to event attendees.

Credits > CAMH Board Member: Ana Lopes. Event Planner: Marion Hart. Photo1: Laura Jane. Phoot2: Paul Tanaka. Creative Direction, Project Mgt, Fashion Models, Makeup Artistry, Hair Expertise, Airbrush Art and Wardrobe Styling: FacesByCarla.

Business for Arts Awards Gala & The Arnold Party – Clash Into Me

22nd November, 2009

It was truly amazing to create Clash looks for our client  for  The 2009 !! Our  team all worked in synergy to merge business and art on each of the 6 models. Credits > Photos: Laura Jane Photography. Creative Direction, Project Mgt, Makeup Artistry, Hair Expertise, Airbrush Art and Wardrobe Styling: FacesByCarla



Inspire Me Ralph!

22nd November, 2009

ralph inspired

A gorgeous bride-to-be and her awesome photographer had the idea to do a Ralph Lauren inspired engagement shoot at her fiancé’s country property. I think this picture is simply mind-blowing! What do you think?  Btw, I can’t wait to see her wedding pictures!! Credits > Photography: Michelle Quance. Wedding Planner: Bliss Events. Makeup: FacesByCarla

Sex & The City

22nd November, 2009


My colleague Michelle was looking for creative shots for her website and marketing collateral, and came up with the Sex In The City inspired theme that we brought to life! It was so great to see Michelle in the limelight rather than behind the lens. I love these photos that her colleague took!!! And the laughs we had together were priceless! Credits > Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla Artistry, Photos: Michelle Quance Photography

Intimate Love Affair

22nd November, 2009


Lesley’s wedding pics always bring a huge smile to my face! Doesn’t she look radiant!!?? Credits>Wedding Planner:  Spectacular Spectacular Events. Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla

The Ultimate Jet Set Experience

22nd November, 2009

ultimate jet set 1

We were pleased to provide professional beauty services for ESCADA at ’The Ultimate Jet Set Experience’, a fundraising and awareness event to benefit kids at Mercedes Benz. The event raised over $300,000 to help children for the Sick Kids Foundation and the Canadian Diabetes Organization. Credits> Designer: Escada. Photo 1: Hello Magazine, Makeup & Hair: FacesByCarla (Carla and Kirsten)

Fashion Week

22nd November, 2009

fashion weekfashionweek in national post

A total blast doing makeup as part of the L’Oreal creative beauty team for Fashion Week. Can you believe it that I have been involved for 14 seasons now?  Here are a couple of pics one of the many fashion shows. This one made the fashion edition of National Post, which was awesome! Credits > Photo1: George Pimentel & Team. Photo2: National Post. Makeup: Carla Naylor for L’Oreal

The Photographer Becomes A Bride :)

22nd November, 2009

LJandNick1laura jane

Laura Jane and I have worked together on numerous beautiful weddings over the past many years…So when LJ got engaged and asked me to part of her wedding, I was so thrilled!! Best wishes to Nick and LJ! XO Carla Credit> Photos: Catherine Farquharson. Makeup and Hair: FacesByCarla

From-Yes-To-I Do!

22nd November, 2009

MaryFrances1Mary Frances 2

So much fun doing the engagement shoot with a bride-to-be and then being part of her wedding! Here is the one of my sweetest clients: the stunning Mary Frances. Credits> Makeup: FacesByCarla