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Munk Debates

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

 mia at munk debates 1mia munk debates

It is always so much fun doing makeup for the speakers and guests at Munk Debates. I am looking forward to the Munk Debates “Be It Resolved, Climate Change is Mankind’s Defining Crisis and Deserves a Commensurate Response” on Dec 1st – such an important topic! Tickets, webcast and more at Munk Debates.com Here are a few pics from the previous Munk events I have been involved. Photo1: Mia Farrow. Photo 2: Mia Farrow, Gareth Evans, Carla Naylor.  

CREDITS: Mia and Gareth’s Makeup: FacesByCarla. Event Planner:Deb Lewis, City Events