Munk Debates: “Be it Resolved, the 21st Century Belong to China”

17th July, 2011

Munk DebatesMunk DebatesMunk Debates

FacesByCarla was so pleased to support The Munk Debates  as always and provide Camera-ready Makeovers on June 17 2011 for four world-class debaters:  Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Fareed Zakaria, Niall Ferguson and Dr David Daokui Li.

-Topic: “Be it Resolved, the 21st Century Belong to China”.

-Pro: Niall Ferguson & David Daokui Li vs. Con: Henry Kissinger & Fareed Zakaria

-Pre-Debate Results: Pro 39%, Con 40% and Undecided 21%

-Post-Debate Results: Pro 38% and Con 62%

-Debater Profiles and Debate Video: www.munkdebates.com

-Photo 1:  Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Henry Kissinger

-Photo 2: Niall Ferguson, Henry Kissinger, Fareed Zakaria, Peter Munk, and David Daokui Li.

-Photo 3: Henry Kissinger

-Photographer: Richard Budman, Shot7.com

-Event Planning & PR Firm: MDG  & Associates

-Camera Ready Makeovers: FacesByCarla Inc.

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